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R Statistical Software

Financial Analysis Tutorials

  • Arbitrage Pricing Theory Model with R [Tutorial]
  • Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test with R [Tutorial]
  • CAPM Single Factor Model with R [Tutorial]
  • CCI Stock Technical Indicator with R [Tutorial]
  • MACD Stock Technical Indicator with R [Tutorial]
  • Moving Averages Strategy Indicators with R [Tutorial]
  • Paired Prices Returns Correlation with R [Tutorial]
  • RSI Strategy Indicator with R [Tutorial]
  • Sharpe Ratio Performance Metric with R [Tutorial]
  • Treynor Ratio Performance Metric with R [Tutorial]

Data Science Tutorials

  • Artificial Neural Network Regression with R [Tutorial]
  • Breusch-Pagan Test with R [Tutorial]
  • Decision Tree Regression with R [Tutorial]
  • Dispersion Measures with R [Tutorial]
  • Exponential Smoothing Methods with R [Tutorial]
  • Gradient Boosting Machine Regression with R [Tutorial]
  • K Nearest Neighbors Regression with R [Tutorial]
  • Multicollinearity Test with R [Tutorial]
  • Probability Distributions with R [Tutorial]
  • Random Forest Regression with R [Tutorial]
  • Support Vector Machine Regression with R [Tutorial]
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