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Stock Technical Analysis with R

Last Update: December, 2017

1. Course Objective

Learn Stock Technical Analysis main topics using R statistical software® in this practical course for all knowledge levels. Feel free to take a look at Course Curriculum.

2. Skills Learned

At the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Compute lagging stock technical indicators or overlays (moving averages, Bollinger bands®, parabolic stop and reverse SAR).
  • Calculate leading stock technical indicators or oscillators (average directional movement index ADX, commodity channel index CCI, moving averages convergence/divergence MACD, rate of change ROC, relative strength index RSI, stochastic momentum index SMI, Williams %R).
  • Identify single technical indicator stock trading signals (price crossover, double crossover, bands crossover, centerline crossover, signal crossover) and multiple technical indicators stock trading signals (price crossovers confirmed by bands crossovers).
  • Outline long-only stock trading strategies (technical indicators, trading signals, strategy positions).
  • Assess long-only stock trading strategies performance metrics (annualized return, standard deviation, Sharpe ratio) and compare them with buy and hold benchmark.

3. Typical Student

This course is ideal for you as:

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate who wants to learn about the subject.
  • Finance professional or academic researcher who wishes to deepen your knowledge in quantitative finance.
  • Experienced investor who desires to research stock technical trading strategies.
  • This course is NOT about “get rich quick” trading systems or magic formulas.

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