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Excel for Data Analysis: Basic to Expert Level

Last Update: December, 2019

1. Objective

Learn Data Analysis main topics using Microsoft Excel® in this practical course for all knowledge levels. Feel free to take a look at Course Curriculum.

2. Skills Learned

At the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Use main Excel file types, store data in worksheets within workbooks and navigate worksheets quickly (cells, ranges, keyboard shortcuts).
  • Perform data calculations (formulas, built-in functions, arrays), correct formula errors and perform user input data validation.
  • Visualize data (conditional formatting, main chart types, single cell sparklines) and organize data interactively (tables, customizable pivot tables).
  • Implement data scenarios summary forecast (what-if analysis) and find value for achieving certain calculation result (goal seek).
  • Analyze data with Data Analysis Tools Package Add-in (moving average, exponential smoothing, descriptive statistics, histogram, correlation, regression, random number generation) and estimate optimal parameter with Solver Add-in.

3. Typical Student

This course is ideal for you as:

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate who wants to learn about the subject.
  • Academic researcher who wishes to deepen your knowledge in data analysis, applied statistics, economics, econometrics or quantitative finance.
  • Business data analyst who desires to apply this knowledge in areas such as consumer analytics, finance, banking, health care, e-commerce or social media.

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